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The 2018 Barcelona Cannabis Guide

If you’re looking for a marijuana-friendly destination in Europe, then Barcelona is the place for you. Nestled amongst the city’s legendary sights, there are more than 200 private cannabis clubs in Barcelona and all you have to do is to become a member.

Although it may sound simple, this isn’t simply a case of showing up and lighting up. There are a number of things you need to know before you can become a member of these fine Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona. Our brief guide gives you the lowdown on joining a cannabis club in Barcelona.

Snapshot of Cannabis in Barcelona

Cannabis consumption in private spaces has been legal in Spain for nearly 20 years, as the police are not authorized to reach homes or privately owned premises. However, Spain isn’t sufficiently chilled to let you get stoned in public! If the police catch you smoking weed in a public setting, they will confiscate it. It’s easier to compare the experience to a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

If you’re caught you’ll be fined and if you’re packing large quantities you’re in big trouble. The best place to keep your stash is in your underwear as authorities aren’t allowed to poke around down there. But why take the risk when there are numerous venues to practice the art of consuming marijuana? A range of cannabis clubs can cater to your needs, whatever your budget. Read on to find out how to join a cannabis club.

Who can join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

A passport or similar ID is an essential when joining a cannabis club. The club will expect a Spanish address, though don’t worry too much about this. It’s a formality as much as anything. Hotel addresses aren’t valid but as long as it’s residential and the owner is down then you’re golden. Age is a significant factor with limits ranging from 18 – 21 minimum.

Referrals are the most direct route to join a cannabis club. You’re becoming part of a private culture and people like to know you’re one of their own. It may sound a little clandestine but think about it. If you’re holding a house party you’re not just going to let anyone in.

In terms of finding someone who’ll vouch for you, it doesn’t have to be a best bud. This applies particularly if you’re a tourist looking for that special branch of Spanish hospitality. Why not strike up a chat with some people? Barcelona is a very welcoming environment. The worst that can happen is the person isn’t into weed and you wind up having a nice beer or coffee. The best outcome is that they’ll give you some pointers on where to go and who to talk to. You can also find some people willing to put in a good word for you online. Just watch out for street promoters as the clubs that they promote are usually of a much lower quality or could be dangerous.

Want to become a member right now? The team at WeedBCN are members of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona and can assist in connecting you to the right club.

Cannabis Clubs – Our Top 5


What is the typical choice of strains BCN Cannabis clubs offer?
Can you recommend best clubs where I can also have some Spanish tappas?
What is the best located Barcelona cannabis club you can recommend?
Can I drink alkohol in a Barcelona Cannabis Club?
What are the prices and quality of weed in Barcelona?

How can I request a club membership?

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona do not have an open-door policy. If you want to enjoy smoking cannabis legally in a BCN weed café then you will need to become a member. This process may appear at first to be harder than it is. It’s a really simple process – but you need to know how to approach it. The hardest part about getting membership is picking the right club. There are so many cannabis clubs in Barcelona and even though many are excellent, there are some bad ones.

First off, we’ll just say one thing: don’t get membership from a stranger you meet on the street. If someone is street promoting for a club, it’s probably not very good. There are plenty of over-priced tourist-traps in BCN, so be careful. Most BCN cannabis clubs have an online presence and you can contact them through their website. If they don’t have a website, then chances are they have a social media presence and you can request membership through this channel.

The simplest way to get cannabis club membership is to talk to our colleagues over at They have contacts at many Barcelona cannabis clubs and can advise you on ones in your area. They also have listings, so you can look at some of the popular clubs and make your own mind up. Gaining membership to a BCN coffeeshop isn’t very difficult, but it helps having someone who can point you at the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona. If you’re taking a short break in Barcelona, it can be very easy to get ripped-off. Speak with the experts and get some tailored advice for your personal weed requirements.

Can I apply for a club membership as a tourist?

The legal situation surrounding marijuana and cannabis clubs in Barcelona is quite complicated. The clubs exist in a grey area of the law which means there are many things that are legal and some that are not. As a tourist in Barcelona it’s perfectly legal for you to join a cannabis club. There are no restrictions on foreign nationals joining BCN cannabis clubs. You will need to be invited to join the cannabis club, however this is a relatively easy process. You can’t just turn up and expect entry without an invite.

The downside of being a tourist in Barcelona is that you will be charged more for your weed. Barcelona cannabis clubs require new members to produce a Spanish NIA number or proof-of-address on registration. If you are not a Spanish citizen, they will charge you a premium. The standard surcharge is around 30% more on every purchase. It’s not a law, but it is standard practice in most of the clubs you will visit. If you can provide proof-of-address or have a NIA number, then you are one of the lucky ones. The cannabis clubs will issue you with a special keyfob that allows you purchase cheaper marijuana.

Just because it’s legal in the club, don’t get it twisted: it’s not legal to smoke in the streets. It’s also not legal to carry it in the streets. The laws surrounding cannabis in Catalonia mean that anyone caught in possession outside can be issued a fine. This can be anywhere from 500 euros to 25,000 euros! It’s only legal to smoke and cultivate cannabis in the privacy of your own home or in a registered cannabis club. Don’t make the rookie mistake and start smoking it outside!

What are the steps to join a cannabis club in Barcelona?

Cannabis culture is on the rise around the world and especially in the Catalan capital of Barcelona. This city is hot on the heels of Amsterdam as one of the world capitals for marijuana culture. If you are looking to join a cannabis club in BCN then there are only a few steps you need to take to get membership.

1. Request membership

The first step of the process is to request an invitation to join. Many cannabis clubs in Barcelona have websites and you can contact the cannabis club through their own site. Some other clubs have a little less web presence and you’ll need to contact them through social media. If they don’t have a website, then they may be a little more exclusive about who they let join. You can also contact the cannabis club via our friends at They have profiles of many clubs and can also arrange membership.  Do your online research first. No club will allow you to join if you just turn up without an invite. If you have a friend who is part of a club then that is also a good option.

2.  Complete the sign-up process

It’s important when visiting a club to activate your membership that you have the correct documents. Many clubs require a passport or some other form of identification document for you to join. The cannabis clubs must protect themselves and therefore they need to have records of everyone who joins. The stricter the sign-up process is, the more likely the club is to be a good one.

It’s also likely that a club will charge you a joining fee, this is very common. It’s usually around twenty euros, but some clubs may charge up to fifty. This will vary largely depending on the cannabis club, but in general twenty euros is a perfectly acceptable amount.

Cannabis Barcelona FAQ

What is the typical choice of strains BCN Cannabis clubs offer?
Can you recommend best clubs where I can also have some Spanish tappas?
What is the best located Barcelona cannabis club you can recommend?
Can I drink alkohol in a Barcelona Cannabis Club?
What are the prices and quality of weed in Barcelona?

What is the typical choice of strains BCN Cannabis clubs offer?

The cannabis club scene in Barcelona has matured a lot since the early days of Catalan cannabis culture in the late nineties. Many of the cannabis clubs in BCN are well established and everyone knows the law surrounding marijuana. This means that grows are usually not rushed and kept at a high standard. The clubs also now have a solid network of contacts for high-quality extra products. It’s now very common to find brand name edibles and BHO available in most cannabis cafés.

When visiting Barcelona, you can expect to find the same grade of cannabis as you would experience in Amsterdam. There are many newer American strains to enjoy as well. It’s become common in the better BCN cannabis clubs to also find CBD-heavy and medicinal focused strains. Due to the popularity of the annual Spannabis awards, some BCN cannabis clubs even have their own prise winning strains.

Some of the classic strains you’ll find in Barcelona are:

  • Amnesia Haze
  • Super Lemon Diesel
  • OG Kush
  • Critical Mass
  • Exodus Cheese

Of the many new American and Spannabis cup cannabis strains, it’s common to find:

  • Girl Scout Cookie
  • Somango 47
  • Super Chocolope
  • MK Ultra
  • Bowser

The thing to remember about the cannabis club scene in Barcelona is that many of the clubs grow their own cannabis and will alternate strains. On any given week it’s hard to say what strains will be available but it’s very common to find one or two classic strains, such as Amnesia Haze or OG Kush. The good Barcelona weed clubs will pride themselves on having their own unique strains. It’s often worth asking the people manning the counter if they have their own strains available. These will often be the better quality strains. They can occasionally cost a little more but the high will be much more enjoyable.

Can you recommend best clubs where I can also have some Spanish tappas ?

Tapa in Catalonia is usually called ‘pinchos’ or ‘pintxots’ and is a little different to it’s southern counterpart. Most pinchos are served on sliced bread with a coloured stick through them. It’s common for you to be able to help yourself and then the sticks will be counted at the end of your meal. This is a lively part of Catalan food culture and restaurants that serve exclusively Pinchots have a great atmosphere!

In Barcelona there is only one area worth visiting for tapas. The ‘Career de Blei’ in ‘El Poble Sec’ is where all the best and cheapest tapa is located. It’s popular with locals which is always a good indicator to any tourist that the food is authentic. Many restaurants on this street will only charge one euro for a pincho, so it’s easy to get full up on five to ten euros. The beers are also cheaper than many other parts of Barcelona and the street has lots of outside seating. It’s a great spot to sit and people watch.

The best cannabis club close to tapa is The Plug.

The Plug is one of the only publicly known cannabis clubs in El Poble Sec and it also happens to be one of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona. The area of El Poble Sec is a very residential area, so this is a favourite among local cannabis smokers. The more common tourist of Ciutat Vella is a lot more expensive for food and has a lot more low-standard cannabis clubs.

The Plug are marijuana aficionados and have some of the best strains in the city. They won a Spannabis award in 2018 for their homegrown sativa, which should give you some indication of how much they love their cannabis. If you are looking for a BCN cannabis club with great weed and tasty authentic food close by, then The Plug is the best choice!

What is the best located Barcelona cannabis club you can recommend?

Cannabis club culture is popular in Barcelona. The city probably has around hundred clubs, including many private clubs that can only be found through word of mouth. What makes a cannabis club good is subjective so bear in mind that this is very much based on our opinion. Here we’ll try to break it down to one simple factor: location. The main tourist area of Barcelona is the Ciutat Vella so we’ll focus on this area. It’s one of the most densely packed areas for BCN cannabis clubs, so an easy place to find a good smoke. If you don’t like our suggestion, then you won’t have far to walk to another club!

The best located cannabis club in Barcelona is Circulo Barcelona
Carrer del Rec, 64, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

The site of Circulo has long been a cannabis club and it’s easy to see why. The Parc de la Ciutadella is 2 minutes away. It’s also in between El Born and the Barceloneta area, so great for exploring the city when you leave the club. It’s got great transport links close by, with Barceloneta station being just a few minutes away. If you’re coming from out of town, one of the cities main bus stations is just over the road as well.

The atmosphere and entertainment at Circulo cannabis club is also a big draw. The club hosts regular music events so it’s worth checking out their social media before you visit. They have great strains and seem to take pride in the cannabis they provide, so it’s great for cannabis aficionados as well. On top of that, it’s one of the only cannabis clubs in BCN with giant frosted windows. If you only visit one cannabis club in Barcelona, then this is probably the best choice. The only downside to this BCN coffeeshop is that it’s very popular, so you can expect it to get busy at peak times.

Can I drink alkohol in a Barcelona Cannabis Club?

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are a hugely popular and social side of the Barcelona night-life. There are weed coffeeshops all over Barcelona and getting membership is quite easy. They aren’t allowed to publicly promote themselves, so they aren’t obvious when you are exploring the city. You will need to get membership online before you visit. You can visit our friends over at if you need assistance with this process.

There are no rules or laws surrounding the use of alcohol in cannabis clubs. It’s perfectly legal to have a beer when in a BCN coffeeshop. Many weed clubs have vending machines dispensing small cans for a few euros. Estrella is the popular beer in Barcelona, so it’s likely that you’ll find a vending machine packed full of cans. Most clubs usually sell other carbonated drinks and sugary snacks for their members as well. Above all else, a BCN cannabis club is a member’s clubhouse where you can enjoy yourself in a relaxed environment.

It’s also fine to take alcohol in to the club. Most Barcelona cannabis clubs don’t mind you bringing in your own food and snacks as their focus is providing cannabis to their members. They are trying to provide a relaxing and safe environment in which to smoke – they aren’t running a bar.

There is obviously some etiquette involved when it comes to drinking in a BCN weed club. Don’t get drunk and don’t draw attention to the venue. Cannabis clubs in Barcelona need to keep their presence low-key, so they don’t want drunk people stumbling in and out of the club. If you are too drunk and cause them unnecessary hassle, don’t be surprised if you have your membership revoked. Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are all about moderation and respect. The golden rule is: don’t be a nuisance!

What are the prices and quality of weed in Barcelona?

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are members clubs. Therefore, many clubs should have the highest quality weed they can grow for their members. In practice what you will find is that some clubs are only there to make money and will sell poorly grown cannabis. If you are researching cannabis clubs in Barcelona, then it is hard to tell which clubs this will be, and you may just have to take your chances.

The reputable cannabis clubs in BCN will sell weed that is on a par with Amsterdam and California strains. Technically, the clubs should be growing the weed themselves – although in practice you could dispute this. Many of the lower quality clubs will often have the same cannabis strains in at the same time. You might surmise that there are growers supplying the clubs, or that many of the clubs are in fact linked. It’s hard to say for definite as many of the cannabis clubs will tell you the weed is grown by them.

As for pricing, this is a subject that will also differ depending on the cannabis club in question. It’s safe to say that as a tourist you can generally get a basic strain of weed for around 10 euros a gram. Tourists are often charged a premium – usually around 30%. As a local or someone who can prove residence in Spain, you can probably get a basic strain for 7 to 8 euros.
As for the top price, well that depends on the strain. There are some super-duper California strains that are tasty and high in CBD that could be up to 25 euros a gram. It all depends on the cannabis club and how they value their members. If you have a friend that can get you into an exclusive, non-tourist cannabis club, then prices can be extremely low. This is the holy-grail of Barcelona cannabis club culture.

In summary, expect to pay around 10 to 15 euros for an average strain of Amsterdam grade cannabis.

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