4 Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona for Legal High in 2020

There are lots of cannabis clubs in Barcelona, particularly in the Ciutat Vella district.

Therefore, it can be a little overwhelming when you are first trying to find a cannabis club to join. It’s hard to know what ones still active and which cannabis clubs are as good as they seem. It can be very easy to get ticked into attending a low-quality club or to be pulled in the untrustworthy street promoters. There are thousands of reviews on google and social media platforms and everyone has a different opinion. It also doesn’t help that many cannabis clubs reward their members with free weed if they leave a review.

Below we’ll outline what we believe to be the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona and give you our reasons.

If you have any recommendations that aren’t mentioned below or on our other reviews, then do get in touch.

We love to hear from our readers and are always happy to hear about new cannabis clubs in Barcelona. There are so many cannabis clubs and new ones pop up all the time. This is our current selection of best cannabis clubs in Barcelona in 2018.

Here are some of the Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona in 2020

The Plug
Circulo Barcelona
Barcelona Weed Club aka Dr Dou Cannabis Club


Greenardo club

Nestled in the streets near Guinardo Parc is Greenardos. Named after the legendary Barcelona park the cannabis club is a favourite amongst the potheads of BCN. It’s also really close to the Bunkers del Carmel, a favourite sunset spot with those in the know. As far as location goes this cannabis club has a lot going for it but that’s not it’s only selling point. Greenardos is also known for it’s high-quality marijuana strains. It’s one of the few cannabis clubs in the city to provide a medical marijuana program. Meaning that if you qualify with their doctor then you can get reduced prices on medicinal strains.

Ask anyone who has been to Greenardos and they’ll tell you that the weed here is exceptional. It’s a long-established cannabis club in the BCN scene and it’s easy to see why as it has a relaxed atmosphere and some excellent marijuana strains. The medicinal marijuana program adds legitimacy this club and those who have benefited from their services would probably say it’s one of the best in the city.

The Plug

The Plug Barcelona

Another cannabis club known for its high-quality cannabis is ‘The Plug’ in the ‘El Poble Sec’ district of Barcelona. Located at the bottom of the imposing hills of Montjuïc it’s one of the few openly known cannabis clubs in this very residential area of Barcelona. Originally a very private and secretive BCN cannabis club, the coffeeshop is now much more open about membership to tourists.

Recently it’s won Spannabis cup awards for its high-quality marijuana strains, so you can be assured it takes pride in its curation of marijuana strains. The selection is quite frankly huge. They are always trying out new strains, so you can be assured of a new experience every time you visit. They also sell merchandise, so if you visit the club and love it you can show your support by rocking one of their dope hoddies!

Circulo Barcelona

Circulo Barcelona Club

One of the best known and easy to locate clubs in BCN. The venue in which Circulo Barcelona sits has been a cannabis club for a while having previously been ‘La Mesa’.

La Mesa was shut down by the police and the founding members sent to prison for reasons not entirely clear. In it’s place though Circulo Barcelona sprung up and continues to push the good work started by the team of La Mesa.

One thing Circulo does that many cannabis clubs in Barcelona don’t do is provide excellent music. They have a regular selection of DJs playing a range of different genres from techno to reggae and you’ll often find special guests if you keep you eyes on their social media. One of the other great things about Circulo that you won’t find in most cannabis clubs in Barcelona is the huge windows at the front of the coffeeshop. So many cannabis clubs in BCN are underground or blocked off from the light, so it’s a real pleasure to spend time in this Barcelona cannabis club.

Sticky Born

Sticky Born Barcelona

Sticky Born is in the heart of the El Born district of Barcelona in the Ciutat Vella. There are lots of cannabis clubs in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, so it can be difficult to locate the best clubs. El Born is one of the trendiest and most relaxed areas of the city and its winding street are full of great food and historical sights. It’s a great place to walk around whilst stoned and even better if you have the munchies. Sticky Born is one of the best in this district and its location is perfect for making the most of this area’s attractions.

Apart from its location, Sticky Born is known for its wide range of marijuana strains. The club takes great pride in supplying their members with high quality smokables. It’s probably the finest weed cafés in this part of town for selection and quality and that’s why it’s a very popular BCN cannabis club with tourists and locals alike.

Best Cannabis Club for a Weekend Out

There are so many cannabis clubs in Barcelona that it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re visiting the city for a weekend or just for a night and want to find a good cannabis club then you don’t want to pick the wrong one. The key thing to be aware of is that different districts have many different clubs and in the more residential districts it may be a little more difficult to find a cannabis club to join.

We’ll assume that you are visiting the Ciutat Vella district of the city as it’s the most popular area for tourists and nights out. It’s also the district with the highest density of BCN cannabis clubs, so it’s important to pick the right one. Our top three picks for cannabis clubs in Ciutat Vella are:

Marijuana Barcelona (MBC)

The great thing about Marijuana Barcelona is that they are often playing techno. They’re also located in the heart of the gothic quarter. Many of the most popular bars for nights out are in this area and it’s only a few minutes from the tourist hotspot of Las Ramblas.

Sticky Born

Sticky Born is in the heart of El Born, so a great spot to hit up if you are visiting one of the many trendy bars in this area. It’s also got a great atmosphere and is regularly playing reggae influenced music. A perfect spot for a warm-up smoke before heading out for the evening. They are also well known for the selection of excellent strains, so you don’t have to compromise on quality.

Circulo Barcelona

Circulo Barcelona is probably one of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona for nights out. It has regular live music and DJs so they have some excellent entertainment to get you in the mood for the evening. It’s also located in a great spot for access to the both the Ciutat Vella and Barceloneta, where some of the biggest clubs are located.

What is the best quality cannabis club in Barcelona?

Cannabis quality in Barcelona is very high. The cannabis clubs in Catalonia have been growing and perfecting their own strains for almost two decades. You should expect to find extremely strong and well grown strains in most cannabis coffeeshops. Spain also has its own cannabis growing awards called the Spannabis cup. Spaniards take their marijuana very seriously and it is by no means an amateur scene in Barcelona.

A better question to ask is where is the best quality cannabis in Barcelona? Many cannabis clubs have a range of high quality custom strains so it’s hard to say what strains are the best. The clubs will also have a blend of Amsterdam classics and new American favourites, so what’s best is very much a matter of opinion. We’ll talk about a few BCN coffeeshops that stock some extremely well grown strains:

The Plug

The Plug won a Spannabis cup award in 2018 for their homegrown strain. If you are looking for some of the best cannabis in Barcelona, then this is probable a great place to start. They stock a wide range of strains so best to ask the staff for their advice on what’s good on the day you visit. You can also keep an eye on their social media for updates on the latest strains in stock.


Medical grade cannabis has never been so easy to get in Barcelona. Greenardos is at the forefront of medicinal grows and they also provide an excellent environment for recreational smokers. This is a highly recommended BCN cannabis club.

Strain Hunters

Another extremely professional outfit that provides a large range of high-quality strains. As the name suggests, this cannabis club has strains you won’t find anywhere else. The staff are super friendly, so ask them about their favourites and you’ll be smoking Barcelona’s finest in no time at all.

What kind of cannabis strains can I expect in Barcelona?

Cannabis in Barcelona is some of the best in the world.

It ranks at the top of the world cannabis scene alongside locations like California and Amsterdam.

The cannabis club scene in Barcelona has existed for around 20 years, although not in its current highly-active state. In 2018 it’s a large network of professional and high-quality clubs located in every area of the city.

As far as what strains you’ll find in a BCN cannabis club, the list is exhaustive and ever changing. The strains you’ll find will be dependant on the club. If you are a member of a high-quality cannabis club then you can expect to find the best available. Potentially some of the best recreational strains in the world.

If you are looking for specifically medicinal strains, then you may have to hunt a little harder. I’ve often found that many clubs aren’t aware of specific CBD content levels in their cannabis. Greenardos is a Barcelona cannabis club that has a more in-depth level of knowledge when it comes to medicinal strains. They also run a special service where you can see a doctor and if they feel you need cannabis for medical reasons, you will get your weed at a discounted price.

Strain Hunters is another cannabis club that has a more detailed level of knowledge when it comes to CBD content and CBD heavy strains. In general, most clubs will want to provide the most well-known and tasty strains for their members. The niche market of medicinal cannabis is still growing in Barcelona.

In short you can expect to find classic strains like Amnesia Haze, Exodus Cheese and OG Kush. Alongside these classic strains you’ll also find modern California-influenced strains like Girl Scout Cookie, Chocolope and MK Ultra.

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