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Strain Hunters Barcelona

Strain Hunters Barcelona

About Strain Hunters Cannabis Club

Strain Hunters cannabis club Barcelona is arguably one of the most well known cannabis clubs in all of Spain. The team that run it made their name on YouTube hunting the world for the rarest and best strains of marijuana seeds. Arjan Roskam became a cult cannabis celebrity all over the world as he hunted every corner of the globe for the finest strains on earth. He and his team run the infamous Greenhouse Seeds seedbank and are renowned for having some of the best seeds on the market. They have another coffeeshop in Amsterdam, but the shop in Barcelona is very well known due to being one of the only internationally branded cannabis cafes in the whole city.

The cannabis club is located near the Drassanas Metro station which means it’s very close to the marina near the seafront. It’s a great spot as it’s within a twenty-minute walk of the seafront, El Raval, The Gothic Quarter and the trendy lanes of El Born. If you want to get high and look at luxury yachts, then get a slice of cheap and tasty pizza – it’s perfect for you. Or if you’re too stoned to leave the Strain Hunters coffeeshop then you can order yourself a snickers milkshake. Yum!

The interior of Strain Hunters coffeeshop is like a trendy hipster bar rather than the usual you would expect from a Barcelona cannabis café. No plain white walls or cheap furniture. The décor heavily leans on copper to decorate the walls and many of the BCN weed club’s fittings are also custom made from copper piping. Throw in a splash of natural brickwork, a classy paintjob and gorgeous warm lighting and you’ve got the beautiful aesthetic of Strain Hunters cannabis club. Even the fussiest interior decorator would love to blaze up here.

As you would expect from the team at Strain Hunters; the club has a wide range of high-grade, hash, BHO and medibles. The only downside to the club is that it’s very hard to get membership as an outsider. Like many of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona, you really need to know someone to get an invitation. They don’t have a website and the club itself is not on social media. The laws in Barcelona mean that really, they are operating the most legal way possible. It can be frustrating if you are an outsider, but for member it’s the perfect BCN cannabis club. They operate with maximum security for their members whilst also providing you with excellent weed. If you have a friend who can get you an invite, our advice is to get yourself an one as soon as possible.

The menu

Brands: Super Silver Haze, Lemon Haze Iceloator hash, Super Lemon Haze, Francos Lemon Cheese.

Top comments

  Amazing coffeeshop!
  Great atmosphere and nice people.
  The perfect cannabis club.

Guest reviews

Super professional and knowledgeable staff, great selection, and an awesome vibe.


The Club

Before you go, you have to visit their website, or facebook page.

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