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About BCS Barcelona Coffee Shop

BCS Barcelona Coffee shop cannabis club is a well-established cannabis club in the centre of the city, close to the Universitat and Eixample districts of the Catalan capital. It’s also very close to Plaça de Catalunya and not far from Universitat metro station so finding this Barcelona weed café is easy. It has a great atmosphere and is also near some hip bars should you want to go for a drink after. It’s also ideally situated if you want to go shopping in one of Barcelona’s main shopping districts.

They have a great selection of strains and gaining membership is relatively easy. The club is home to members with a range of nationalities due to it’s location, so you are always sure to find good company and great conversation. A little busy at times, but always welcoming to new and existing members alike.

The staff are super helpful and friendly although you should ensure you take your I.D. on every visit as they are strict on their entrance policy even for existing members. Many cannabis clubs in Barcelona take the security of their members very seriously and enforce strict policies on carrying I.D. Ensure you don’t cause yourself or anyone else unnecessary embarrassment and show your I.D. on arrival.

The main selling point of Barcelona Coffee shop is that it’s reliable. Many cannabis clubs in Barcelona will run out of weed at certain points in the week but that’s not the case here. You can be sure they will have a range of reliable and tasty strains suitable for all types of smokers. They also have some decent extracts and some excellent bongs so if dabs are your thing, this is a great club for you. Prices can be steep for some strains, but they also have some value options so make sure you enquire at the dispensary desk and get some advice about what’s on offer.

The menu

Bubble OG, Amnesia Haze, Mango Haze, R28, Blue City Diesel Shatter (Extract), Blue City Diesel Budder Cake (Extract)

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  Nothing but pleasant
  Chilled, relaxed atmosphere

Guest reviews

I have been a member of the Barcelona Coffee Shop for over a year now and have met an Arabian prince, a neurosurgeon and his wife, a group of backpackers, and a little old granny. Barcelona Coffee Shop has made it possible to meet all kinds of people in a very safe and unique environment. 

Anonymous, 2017

The Club

Before you go, you have to visit their website, or facebook page.

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