Ready to Join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

Marijuana Barcelona Club

Opening Hours: 11-23

Neighbourhood: Sant Marti



Neighborhood: Sant Marti

Nestled in the heart of the El Poblenou Neighbourhood in Barcelona’s Sant Marti is one of BCN’s friendliest and most inviting cannabis clubs. Located on a side street off the popular Avinguda Diagonal is a simple, no-nonsense Barcelona weed cafe.

How to get there:



The team that run Marijuana Barcelona Club have created a cosy but inviting atmosphere with great music and friendly staff.


If you like to get high without tobacco, then speak with the helpful people at the counter for assistance with bong selection. Or if you’re too lazy to roll your own spliffs, they have plenty of pre-rolled joints for sale at a price of €8. Usually a few different strains as well. The are some min amounts of flower you can buy, this is to be confirmed with the staff. These guys love their weed so don’t be afraid to ask what they have and would recommend. Marijuana Barcelona Club also has a fantastic selection of bongs and vaporisers available for its members!

The club does not offer any meals, there are just snacks and canned soda drinks. For expresso coffee there is a cafe next doors.


The staff here speak multiple languages so it’s a great place for cannabis tourists visiting Barcelona. They can converse in Italian, Spanish, English and French at a minimum – very helpful for people visiting Barcelona from other countries. They’re also very happy to talk to the club members about the different strains available and will offer recommendations if requested. You’ll probably be offered free sweets at the dispensary counter as well. It’s the little things that make the atmosphere here so welcoming for new people and Legal Weed Barcelona does a good job of providing these little extras. Plenty of cannabis clubs in Barcelona aren’t very friendly, so a club like Legal Weed should be appreciated. The team that run this cannabis club obviously love their life – and who can blame them!

Overall Experience

Overall this is a great BCN cannabis club in a very convenient location. If you’re visiting the Catalan capital for a short break, then you could do a lot worse than visiting this friendly weed café. They have excellent weed, a great atmosphere and quality music. Couple this with the friendly staff and superb location and you are on to a winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

The club offers a choice of edibles, there are gummies, and cookies, usually from Weed Pop or Oreo Stoneo.

Legal Weed Barcelona  is open for its members from Monday to Friday from 11-23. Comfortable sitting and long tables make it a great place to sit and check your mailbox.

There are gummies – Banana Bombs, chips- Cheetos, cookies – Oreo Stoneo.

At the time of the review there were no vape pen cartridges available at the club.

The club doesn’t offer brownies.

Cannabis pills are not available at the club.

Hibridas: Bubba wedding, Mimosa, Lavender, MAC

Sativas: Cannalope, Amnesia, Lemon Haze

Indicas: Gelato, Kush Kalijah

Caliweed: Lemon Cherry, Red Velvet

The club supplies you with all the accessories you might need.

Yes, there are easily accessible power sockets.

There is no food at the club.

For coffee & tea check at the next door’s cafe.

The club does not offer any alcoholic beverages.