Ready to Join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

Is Marijuana legal in Barcelona for personal use?

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The legality surrounding marijuana in Barcelona is possibly one of the most confusing aspects of BCN cannabis culture. Since the 1990s cannabis activists have been working to define the rules and many have surrendered their freedom to do it. Many believe it is like Portugal and decriminalised. It’s not. It’s still illegal in public situations. Every municipality in Spain also has slightly different rules on the subject, so be aware of this if you are moving around the country.

In Barcelona it’s legal to smoke and grow cannabis in the privacy of your own home or a registered cannabis club. As soon as it becomes a public activity then it becomes illegal. It’s not legal to smoke cannabis in the street. It’s also not legal to carry marijuana on your person in public. To say that the law surrounding possession of marijuana in Barcelona is in a grey area would be an understatement. The one thing that is certain is that it’s not a crime to be high.

If you want to stay away from illegal activities in Barcelona, then the best tips we can give you are:

– Don’t smoke weed in the street or in any public area
– Don’t carry weed on your person whilst outside. The police in Barcelona can search your pockets without a warrant.
– Smoke weed in the cannabis clubs and only buy enough weed for you to smoke there and then.

If you follow these rules, then you can avoid the exorbitant fines and potential criminal prosecution that might result. If you are going to Barcelona on holiday, then the last thing you want is to be slapped with a huge fine. The police in Barcelona take themselves very seriously, so the chances of being able to talk your way out of trouble are slim.

Barcelona Cannabis Culture

The great thing about the law surrounding cannabis clubs in BCN is that it’s not illegal for them to have websites and social media. It’s illegal for the club to actively promote themselves but they can hold a web presence without infringing on this part of the law. As we said previously, don’t trust the street promoters, but websites and social media are fine. It’s perfectly legitimate and a very useful way to find out more about the cannabis clubs scene in Barcelona.

Know the law

Casually walking around the streets of Barcelona assuming you can do whatever you want is very naive. Below are some basic things to be aware of if you want to visit a cannabis club in Barcelona.

• It’s not completely legal.

While it may be legal to smoke inside a Barcelona cannabis club, it certainly not legal to smoke on the streets. Get caught by the police smoking in the street and you could face a fine of one thousand euros for a first offence.

• It’s not actually legal to carry marijuana.

This may seem peculiar, but it’s not legal to carry it on the street. It’s only legal in the clubs and in your own homes. The best advice is always to only buy a little bit of weed in the cannabis clubs and smoke it all inside. Then you can get as high as you want without paranoia. It’s not illegal to be stoned. Get as baked as you want! Just don’t carry it around.

• You need to be invited to be a member of a club.

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are not like coffeeshops in Amsterdam. You need to be a member to enter or be about to become a member. What that really means is you just need to request a membership online and then you can join. There are lots of private members clubs that are a lot harder to join, but there are also plenty of accessible cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

• It’s illegal for them to promote.

If someone approaches you on the street inviting you to a cannabis club, then this is infringing on the law and chances are it won’t be a good cannabis club. Avoid street promoters as they will take you to bad marijuana clubs designed to rip you off.