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Weed Vice Barcelona (aka El Plaer de la Vida Club)

Weed Vice Barcelona Club

About Weed Vice Barcelona

Many of Barcelona’s most frequented and popular tourist clubs are in the Ciutat Vella. The city however, is full of other very inviting and friendly cannabis clubs that don’t get talked about as much. As a result, many of these Barcelona coffeeshops have a super relaxed and private atmosphere. Weed Vice Barcelona is one such BCN cannabis club.

Located in the Vila De Gràcia this cannabis club is well known amongst locals and residents of the Catalan capital. Gràcia is well known in Barcelona as an area that is populated by the Catalan and Spanish speaking residents. The area closer to the beaches tend to more occupied more by students and foreign nationals making a home in the expansive city.

Weed Vice Barcelona is popular with locals because it has a very relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. A lot of cannabis clubs in Barcelona are just there to make money out of the cannabis tourism trade. Weed Vice Barcelona, like so many of the best weed clubs in BCN, is set up to cater to the weed connoisseur. They have a wide range of excellent strains and an intimate atmosphere, which is improved further by the inclusion of a pool table!

If you don’t mind taking the Metro further north to Gràcia then the club is within walking distance of both Joanic and Verdaguer stations. It’s also only a five-minute walk from Barcelona’s most iconic landmark, the Sagrada Familia. If you want to get high before visiting this awe-inspiring landmark (which we would recommend – the light show inside is AMAZING!) then this is a great place to visit beforehand.

As with every cannabis club in Barcelona worth a visit, you need to follow the rules here. They spell it out for you on their website, so there’s no excuse not to request membership in the most appropriate way. They even promise you a free hug when you join – and who can turn down an offer like that.

The menu

Weed: Gelato, Bilbo Bud, Chronicle, Holy Grail Kush, Great White Shark, Star Killer, Amnesia Haze,
Hash: Dry Kush, Gorilla Hash, Tangie, Moon Rocks
Wax: Cambodian Kush, Swiss THC Concentrate

Top comments

  Perfect to chillout
  Cheap drinks
  Lovely people

Guest reviews

Friendly people, good music and always best stuff in Barcelona


The Club

Before you go, you have to visit their website, or facebook page.

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