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Aranua Cannabis Club

Aranua Barcelona Cannabis Club
Aranua Barcelona Cannabis Club

About Aranua Cannabis Club

Aranua club is one of the more exclusive cannabis clubs in the Barcelona weed scene. Some of the best weed coffeeshops in Catalonia are also the most exclusive. The legal risks for clubs in Spain are very real. The best clubs will take extra precautions to ensure the safety and legitimacy of their clubs and members.

The club opened in March 2016. Since opening it has had an excellent Mayan-influenced graffiti piece painted on the walls. The unique style of this club is as well orchestrated as it’s exclusivity. It also plays host to some of the finest weed strains in the city. You’ll find many Spannabis award strains in stock at Aranua cannabis club. The menu changes regularly so you are sure to find something new and interesting on every visit. This is a cannabis club for it’s members and prides itself on being a private weed café. The reasonable prices and high quality of weed at Aranua cannabis club is well established. Many exclusive cannabis clubs in Barcelona will gradually start to slip and make it easier to join, however it is unlikely this will happen with this very local-orientated club.

The menu

Brands: Grease Monkey, Nerd Creation, Swiss THC Concentrate Strains: Gorilla Glue, Cookies & Cream, Sour Diesel, Banana Lemon Pie, Super Lemon Haze, Amnesia, Cheese, Bowser

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  This is perfect venue   Low prices   You must go!

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 Most beautiful experience of a coffee shop and products of the highest quality Anon

The Club

Before you go, you have to visit their website, or facebook page.

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