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There are so many cannabis clubs in Barcelona it can be hard to know which one to pick. Many clubs offer the same level of service and the same strains in unremarkable environments. If you’re going to pay your twenty-euro membership fee for the year then you don’t want to feel like you’re getting ripped off. Of course, the problem is It can be easy to get pushed into the tourist traps without even realising it. That’s where a cannabis club like Weed Bud Barcelona stands out from the crowd. This is one of the few cannabis clubs in Barcelona that oozes history and style. No white walls and cheap tables here. This is a BCN cannabis club with panache! The uncovered brickwork and LED lighting make this BCN weed café feel like a medieval tavern from the future! Not to mention the window – a rare treat in Barcelona’s cannabis coffeeshop scene!

Like many Barcelona weed clubs the staff are friendly, and they atmosphere is always nice. If you’re in need of an epic bong or liquid refreshment, then they have you covered. They have the expected good range of weed, BHO and hash strains available. All the strains are high quality and all at a reasonable price. This is an accessible and inviting Barcelona cannabis club which doesn’t skimp on the quality of it’s weed.

Location is a big part of what makes a cannabis club in Barcelona great. This club is in the popular and easily accessible tourist district of El Raval, which makes it perfect for a weed tourist in BCN. A lot of the cannabis clubs in Ciutat Vella are low quality and only designed to pull in the easily fooled visitors to Las Ramblas. Weed Bud Barcelona is not one of those cannabis clubs. The strains available are very reasonable and a definite winner in such a competitive part of town.

If you are visiting and don’t know your way around the city, Weed Bud cannabis club in Barcelona can be easily accessed from Sant Antoni and Urgell stations. This is a very complicated area of town to navigate if you aren’t familiar with the Ciutat Vella and so the convenient Metro stations are very handy! Once you get your bearings you’ll soon find that this area of town is also great for soaking up Catalan culture. It’s notably close to the JazzSi bar as well. If you’re a music fan in BCN, then this is one of the finest Jazz clubs in the city and worth a visit – particularly if you’re high!

The menu

Brands: Judas Juice/Judas Iscariote, Sweet Leaf Medibles, Terpene Dreams 

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  Good music and good vibes
  Very cozy

Guest reviews

Great staff, amazing atmosphere, peng draw and sick music


Love the layout, great atmosphere and decor.


The Club

Before you go, you have to visit their website, or facebook page.

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