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Greenardo Club Barcelona

Greenardo club
Greenardo club

About Greenardo Barcelona Cannabis Club

Often cited as one of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona, Greenardo Club prides itself on being a medical cannabis dispensary. While many other coffeeshops in Barcelona focus their brands around recreational use, this club is different. Greenardo cannabis club is keen to promote their health benefits of marijuana consumption. They are known for stocking a range of top-end cannabis products. So if it’s a CBD-heavy strain you are looking for then Greenardo is the place for you. Their menus read like a Denver or California menu and they have many of the latest, award-winning strains available. As you would expect from a medical-focused BCN dispensary, they also have a wide array of oils and dabs to choose from.

Greenardo cannabis club is located near Parc Guinardo – which is where it gets its name. The club was established in 2012 and thanks to its location and attitude, it has stayed true to its mission. The extra-effort it takes to locate the establishment for a weed tourist will be worth it. They have an exquisite range of bongs and devices for getting super high. When you get lost on the metro trying to find your way home, you will at least be too high to care.

The club also plays host to regular musicians and DJs. Groovie Thursday is their current established night but things change quickly in the BCN cannabis club scene, so be sure to check their website or social media for the latest listings.

If you’re only visiting BCN for a short period, don’t be put off by the club’s location. It has earned its revered reputation by being one of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona, so it’s worth the extra distance. Greenardo coffeeshop is located near the Maragall and Congrés Metro stations, so it has great transport links. Be sure to make some time for one of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

The menu

Brands: Sweet leaf Medibles, Twenty Three Oils
Strains: Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, D.O. (Sour Diesel & Blue Zaffir), Acid (NY Diesel & Critical Kush)m Afghan Lemon, Cherry Berry, Girl Scout Cookie, AK47, Skywalker, Somango 47, Blackwater, Purple O.G. Sweet leaf Medibles, Twenty Three Oils

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  Comfy club
  Best club in Barcelona
  Very good atmosphere

Guest reviews

Without a doubt, the best club in Barcelona, super friendly quiet, good music, people who really care about you, comfortable sofas, activities of many varieties, and all bearing is of the highest quality – an incomparable atmosphere


The Club

Before you go, you have to visit their website, or facebook page.

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