Ready to Join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

First Time at a Club? 10 Tips About Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

1. Guests are not buying weed

Don’t ask to buy weed. You are contributing to the cannabis clubs growing and management costs. You can ask to ‘get’ or ‘have’ some weed, but you shouldn’t ever ask to buy weed. The staff at the counter may refuse to serve you if you ask to buy some cannabis.

2. Invite can be requested from an existing club's member

Most of the cannabis clubs in Barcelona that are happy to accept new members will have websites you can locate online. You can also do you own research on listings websites and sites like google maps about club reviews. There are plenty of tourist trap clubs in Barcelona so don’t be a schmuck – do your research before you go and apply for an invite to a cannabis club that has good reviews.

3. Own alcoholic drinks are accepted

The cannabis club is there to supply weed to it’s members. Think of it like a clubhouse where you can relax and enjoy the benefits of club membership. They aren’t there to sell food or alcohol, so don’t mind if you take your own stuff in. You can bring takeaway, beers or any other snacks you feel like at the time. It is however bad form to bring in weed from another cannabis club. Be respectful.

4. They all charge a membership fee

This is one of the downsides of the Barcelona cannabis clubs scene. All the clubs charge a membership fee. Becoming a member of multiple clubs can cost you a pretty penny over time. It’s best to do your research and find one or two cannabis clubs to become a member at. If you don’t like the club, you aren’t getting your money back – so pick wisely.

5. Ask about bongs

Every BCN cannabis club worth it’s membership fees will have a range of bongs and pipes available to it’s members. They aren’t shy about it either, so as at the dispensary desk for advice or recommendations about their bong selection.

6. The magic keyring

If you can prove you are a resident of Barcelona or reside in Spain then you can get much cheaper weed. This usually entails giving them a proof of address or a NIA number (a Spanish tax number). Once you’ve proved this you’ll get a fancy red key fob that will entitle you to cheaper weed in the club. It’s common practice in all the clubs so ask when signing up for membership.

7. The best cannabis clubs are very secretive

Some of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona have no online presence and are only known to a select few. As a tourist the chance of you getting into one of these clubs is very low. If you are local you might stand a better chance.

8. Good clubs will make you jump through hoops

Some of the best cannabis clubs have the strictest rules for entry. Expect to have to provide ID every time and to have photos taken when you join. This just shows they care about protecting their members.

9. Don’t get cocky!

Seriously. The staff don’t play. They will ban you and they are able to call the police if they need to do so.

10. Don’t get too high!

It’s like being a kid in a candy shop sometimes, but don’t let it go to your head. Stay chilled and take it easy. The weed in BCN is strong and will affect even the most seasoned smoker. Have you been visiting cannabis clubs in Barcelona yet ? Surprise us and share with us your experiences.