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Membership – Barcelona Cannabis Social Clubs

Do you want to become a member at a Barcelona cannabis social club?

Please read the following. If you meet requirements contact us using the form below.

Important Tips and Requirements:

Don’t show up without an invitation.

If you want to join a cannabis club in Barcelona, an existing member must endorse you first. You cannot arrive at the club without an invitation. Don’t Stress, we can help.

Everyone needs their own invitation

It’s important that if you are with a group, each person has their own individual invitation. Even if not everyone you are with is an active smoker, to enter the club, each person needs an invitation and a membership.

Make sure you have your ID with you

All members – both new and existing must carry identification with them at all times. When receiving your invitation, be sure to present your ID at the reception desk. You will be automatically refused membership if you do not have any form of identification.

Pay the annual membership fee

Each club requires its members to pay an annual membership fee. The cost of membership ranges typically from €20 to €50 Depending on the club. You should not pay any more than that price when joining a club.

Beware of street promoters

For your own safety, it’s best to avoid Street promoters. There have been plenty of stories where people have been lured to where they think is a “cool new cannabis club” but really it’s a way to either pick-pocket you. Just ignore them.

You confirm you use marijuana for health reasons and/or to avoid the black market

*Please be advised that it is legal for consuming cannabis for members over the age 18 however most clubs only accept new members over the age 21. If in doubt, submit a form and we will find you the right club.

*We do not work for the cannabis social clubs in Barcelona and are not advertising any of the private social clubs. Not everyone who applies will be accepted for membership, sorry.

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