Ready to Join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

Where Does One Get Weed in Barcelona in 2022?

Getting cannabis legally nearly anywhere in the world can be a challenge. Even in areas where it’s legal to consume it, there are often strange, conflicting rules governing how you can use it. For instance, in some places in the United States, state laws have made it legal to purchase and consume a recreational amount of cannabis, but Federal laws still prohibit it. 
Those quirky laws are also in place in Spain and if you visit Barcelona it’s important to know what you can and cannot do when it comes to cannabis consumption. The guidelines aren’t complicated, but visitors do need to know the rules so they don’t find themselves getting into trouble without realizing it.
Barcelona Cannabis Clulture

Barcelona's Laws Concerning Cannabis

The first thing to know is Barcelona is not Amsterdam. At least not yet. There are currently two places where people can legally consume cannabis in Barcelona: in the privacy of someone’s own home or inside one of the city’s many “Cannabis Clubs.” These clubs charge a fee and whether someone is a resident or a visitor from another country, it is legal to consume cannabis inside the club. These clubs provide a safe, legal and fun experience for cannabis enthusiasts at a reasonable price.

But just because people can smoke weed in Barcelona, it doesn’t mean that they can consume it anywhere. If someone is outside of their house or a cannabis club, they are breaking the law. That means that there are plenty of things visitors still shouldn’t do if they’re looking to enjoy some cannabis during their visit to Barcelona.

Cannabis Laws Can Be Tricky

First of all, don’t purchase cannabis from a street dealer. Along the same lines, it is still illegal to consume cannabis in public spaces. Light some up in public and you are likely to be arrested and given a ticket. You also don’t want to give a friend or casual acquaintance a joint, because local police consider that trafficking and you will be arrested and fined.

One of the cannabis restrictions that can get visitors in trouble is the entire issue of having cannabis on their person in a public space. It’s tempting to carry a bit around for later and most people probably don’t want to be forced into a situation where they have to keep returning to a cannabis club to get a spliff everytime they want to light up. But please be careful.

It is illegal to have cannabis on your body in public and police are well known for searching tourists and other people hoping to find that random joint or a small amount of cannabis. There is a large fine associated with possessing even a bit of cannabis, so for most people having it is not worth the risk. If someone absolutely has to have it on them, then the best place to hide it is in their underwear. That is because while police can search someone they suspect is holding cannabis, they aren’t allowed to search inside the suspect’s clothes without a warrant. And police aren’t going to have a warrant for some visitor they just randomly stopped.

Barcelona’s Cannabis Clubs Are Your Best Friend

While all of this might seem a bit scary, it is included here not just for informative reasons, but also as a way of letting visitors know that there is an entirely legal way to consume cannabis in Barcelona: what are the best clubs in the city.

Cannabis Club In Barcelona

The clubs date back to 1993 when the laws on cannabis ownership and consumption in Spain were a lot less clear. Cannabis supporters and cannabis clubs began a campaign to legalize the use of cannabis is certain locations. But it took ten years of lawsuits and legislative wranglings before the Spanish government and the Supreme Court officially recognized and legalized cannabis clubs. Two years later, the government added personal residences as the other place where cannabis consumption is legal in Spain.

Advantages of a Cannabis Club Membership

First of all, it’s legal to consume cannabis inside the club, which makes it a great option for people who want to consume but don’t want to do it at home. It’s also the safest place to obtain cannabis, paraphernalia, and advice. But even then, there are some weird quirks to remember.

The strangest quirk is that while members can obtain cannabis inside the club, it technically can’t be sold. Instead, members have to use non-financially based terms like “get” or “have.” It’s a little clunky and awkward, but the cannabis is easily available to members. Everyone just has to be a bit circumspect when they talk.

Cannabis Barcelona clubs tend to be pretty casual. In most clubs, each table includes a mixing bowl and an ashtray. There is plenty of paraphernalia around and employees tend to know all about the weed that is available. As you might expect from a place whose primary business is cannabis, the environment is friendly and helpful. Members tend to know each other, but they are generally super friendly to new members. It’s in everyone’s best interest to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone.

Barcelona Cannabis Club Experience

One question a lot of new members have is whether it is okay to bring outside food into the club. It depends on the club, but generally speaking, it is not a problem. Most cannabis clubs have some vending machines, but it is pretty common to see members bringing in everything from a light snack to an entire takeout meal. Clubs that offer weed in Barcelona aren’t about making money on food. They tend to be pretty focused on the cannabis.

Weed Club’s Interior[/caption]

Being a member of a cannabis Barcelona club can be a great experience, but there a few caveats for people to remember once they become a member.

First, don’t purchase or sell cannabis outside the club. Police consider selling even a small amount of cannabis to be trafficking and being caught will result in an arrest and hefty fine. Don’t even give a friend a joint as a favor. Possessing or consuming cannabis outside the club is illegal. So anyone who wants to share a joint with a friend should just invite them to join. And in many cases, cannabis club members can bring in a guest as part of their membership.

….The bottom line is, limit cannabis consumption to the home and the cannabis club and there won’t be a problem with law enforcement.

…It’s also important to remember that not all cannabis clubs are the same. Like regular nightclubs, each place has its own vibe and type of clientele. It might take several tries to find a club that is right for you. Clubs also have very different types of cannabis. Most clubs claim to grow it for customers in-house, but the quality can vary wildly from club to club. Nearly all cannabis club marijuana is of a decent quality. But some clubs have access to a wider range of choices, so it pays to consider trying more than one club.

Generally speaking, the more expensive and exclusive clubs have access to more exotic types of cannabis. But for most visitors, getting access to a more exclusive club isn’t possible, so it’s best to focus on the better clubs open to the general public. Those clubs will have access to plenty of very good cannabis and they are also likely to have an atmosphere more in line with the visiting Barcelona vibe.

We hope that we’ve provided a rundown of everything you need to know about cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Check out some reviews, there are a lot of great options for cannabis clubs in Barcelona and joining one will be an experience that no one could forget.