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BCN 420 Barcelona

BCN 420 is located very close to Las Ramblas and the historical sights of Plaça de George Orwell and Plaça Reial. As a result, it’s easy to locate and perfectly situated if you want to spend some time exploring the winding alleyways of The Historic Quarter. This area is steeped in Catalan history and is perfect for wandering around whilst high. It’s a very convenient location for smoking cannabis in Barcelona and makes it very easy to see some sights.

The club has been permanently closed, we recommend checking the following:

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[Please note that is a review made months ago, the club has been permanently closed]

Like many of the cannabis clubs in this area of Barcelona it has a very international clientele. So, you are sure to get chatting to some very interesting people while rolling up joints. They also have a great selection of board games if you want an excuse to start talking to people. The current board game menu includes Monopoly, Risk, Chess, card games and many others. This is great cannabis café for making new friends and enjoying the international atmosphere of Barcelona cannabis culture. Invitations are relatively easy to come by although they can be a bit more selective than some other clubs. Always be sure to have your I.D. on you and make sure you follow the unwritten rules of cannabis clubs in Barcelona! The club has a great selection of unique cannabis strains, but its’ crowning glory is probably it’s excellent selection of edibles. They have a good range of cookies and other edibles all at a reasonable price. You’ll also find the usual assortment of pre-rolled spliffs and high-grade strains to keep even the fussiest pothead happy.

420 Cannabis Barcelona

The menu

Candy Kush, Amnesia, OG Kush, Recon, So Mango, Jumbolt, Cheese, MK Ultra, Pot of Gold, Critical.

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A great club with a friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended to any visiting BCN


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