Girls Cannabis Club Barcelona (Smoke Cannabis Club)

Girls Cannabis Club Barcelona (Smoke Cannabis Club)

About Barcelona Girls Cannabis Club (Smoke Cannabis Club)

Women of the world rejoice! There is a Barcelona cannabis club designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, where the men of the world take second-place to your awesomeness! Girls Cannabis Club isn’t exclusively for women, but it is run by three women and focuses on having a safe smoking environment for women. This is a rare-find in Barcelona. Most cannabis clubs in BCN are obviously focused on both genders but do skew towards the male market with the music and entertainment they provide. A weed café that provides a female-centric environment is very unique in this city.

Don’t think in stereotypes when it comes to the décor though! Girls Cannabis Club is slick and modern with plenty of modern art on the walls. The low-slung comfortable sofas add to the modern and crisp feel of the space. It feels more like a high-end private members club than many of Barcelona’s other cannabis clubs. It may be a cannabis club for women but that doesn’t mean the owners have covered the venue in tacky pink and soft furnishings. It’s clean and classy at this venue.

This BCN cannabis club is located just a few blocks from the Arc de Triumf and a short walk from Urquinaona metro station. Girls cannabis club is in an excellent location for tourists. It doesn’t take long to walk here from the winding alleyways of El Born either. Which means it’s an excellent BCN weed café to visit before heading out for a restaurant or bar in this trendy area of Barcelona. The food in this part of the city is second-to-none in terms of quality, so it’s ideally situated.

Girls cannabis club also has a set of turntables for DJs. This means it’s not unlikely that you’ll find a DJ on the decks if you pay the cannabis café a visit. However, the cannabis clubs in Barcelona do need to keep things undercover. Don’t expect a raging party on a Friday night. The KRK monitors that supply the audio can pump out some sweet sounds though. Guaranteed good quality tunes to enjoy whilst blazing up their excellent strains of high-grade cannabis.

It may not be the girls-only BCN cannabis club that many women dream of, but it is a great cannabis members club. The weed coffeeshop scene in Barcelona is a competitive marketplace. If the club only accepted women, it would probably have to close its doors in a relatively short space of time. Even with the mixed clientele, Girls Cannabis Club sets itself apart from many of the other weed cafes in Barcelona thanks to its excellent atmosphere and female-friendly vibes. It’s location and attitude are sure to make any member smile. Just remember though guys – the women are in charge!

The Menu

Amnezia Haze, OG Kush, Chocolope, Jack Herer, Great White Shark, Super Lemon Haze, Girl Scout Cookie

Top Comments

 Reasonable price
 Super friendly
 Amazing atmosphere
 Perfect for girls!

What previous guests have said:

The girls that run it are so friendly. Highly recommend coming here! – Cat

The Club

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