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The rules surrounding smoking cannabis in a public place in Spain are very strict. You can smoke in private, but not in public places. It’s still very illegal in public. That’s why with the current state of the law, it’s impossible to find a cannabis club in Spain with an outside smoking area. The best you can hope for in a Barcelona cannabis club is large windows or close to a beachfront location where you can spend time after leaving the club.

That’s where Beach Cannabis Club in Barcelona has many of the other BCN weed coffeeshops beaten. The club is one of the closest to the beach you will find in the whole city. Barcelona is one of the largest metropolitan capitals in Europe, so walking or catching the metro anywhere can take a long time. That’s why this cannabis club is winning on location. After leaving the doors of Beach cannabis club, you’ll be on the beach almost instantly. It’s literally a few hundred metres from the sand.

Beach cannabis club also has one other major thing going for it – its excellent atmosphere. Cannabis clubs in Barcelona can’t really advertise themselves, so they have to say a lot with their name. Beach cannabis club attracts the kind of clientele you would expect with a name like it has. Most members are super chilled and there is a great mix of local and tourist members. The location further north of Barceloneta beach means that many locals are happy to call this place home. It also attracts the more intrepid cannabis tourist. Those willing to make a little bit of an effort, to go the extra mile to find the right cannabis club in Barcelona.

The cannabis strains available at Beach cannabis club are also not to be overlooked. They have some excellent strains of high-grade available which are sure to send your mind far out to sea! They also have some excellent bongs available for their members to use. Lots of classy glass pipes and smoking implements, perfect for even the fussiest of smokers.

It will be a long time before we’ll see an outside cannabis club in Barcelona – if we ever do! While you may not (legally) be able to take your surfboard to the beach and smoke up a fat bowl in public, there is still plenty of reason to visit Beach cannabis club in BCN. You are sure to meet plenty of likeminded dudes and dudettes here. It’s the perfect Barcelona cannabis coffeeshop to visit, get high and then hit the beach. Or if you are too high, you could just play some PlayStation instead!

The Menu

Budfellas, Holygrail Kush, Super Silver Haze, Kosher Kush,

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 Felt like I was at home!
 Perfect experience
 Great knowledgeable staff

Guest reviews

Brilliant!! I would recommend!! I turned up today for the first time and i have to say…. WOW! Very good, wide range selection of different strains, staff was brilliant. – Christos

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