Ready to Join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

Space Weed Club

Opening Hours: 11-23

Neighbourhood: Sant Martí



Neighborhood: Sant Martí

Space Weed Club is located near Sagrada La Familia and not far from Plaça de Catalunya. The club is just a short stroll from Playa de los Cristionos, and it’s surrounded by some of the finest restaurants and tapas bars.

How to get there:



The club occupies two floors and Friday and Saturday nights here are super busy. On the walls there are space-themed decor, firearms’ motifs and a poster similar to the one from the movie “gravity”. There is no one clearly defined style in the club, but rather a combination of several. There are two bars, main one at the first level and a smaller one upstairs. It is one of the most spacious cannabis clubs in Barcelona. 


The club offers a wide choice of cannabis strains in a price of €6-20/g, California strains can cost up to €20/g, concentrates €50. There are also €8 prerolls and extracts. There is also a choice of edibles: Kosmik gummies, Oreo cookies, jelly candy and more.


The staff at the club is professional, very friendly and has a great sense of humour.
Club’s signing up process can take a bit longer.

Overall Experience

Awesome huge club with professional and friendly staff nice music and great atmosphere, right in the center of Barcelona.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a choice of edibles: gummies, cookies, jelly candy.

It is a perfect place to sit and do some creative work on your computer, it offers super fast internet connection and comfy sofas for longer sessions.

There is a wide choice of vape pen cartridges.

The club doesn’t offer thc infused brownies.

There are no cannabis pills in the club’s menu.

Different strains of sativa, indica and hybrids.

The club provides its guests with papers, ashtrays and lighters.

Yes, there are power sockets in the club.

The club doesn’t offer any full type of meals, there is a choice of snacks – Doritos, Lays, potato chips, peanuts, chocolate bars, and more.

Sparkling & still water, Coca-Cola, Mirinda, Coffee & Tea, beer

The club offers iced cold beer.