Ready to Join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

Best Cannabis Clubs in Sants, Barcelona

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Is Marijuana Legal In Barcelona?

In Barcelona it’s legal to smoke and grow cannabis in the privacy of your own home or a registered cannabis club. As soon as it becomes a public activity then it becomes illegal. It’s not legal to smoke cannabis in the street. It’s also not legal to carry marijuana on your person in public.

Who can join a cannabis club in Barcelona?

Age is a significant factor with limits ranging from 18 – 21 minimum. A passport or similar ID is an essential when joining a cannabis club. You don’t need to be a Spanish citizen to join a cannabis club in Barcelona.

Can I enjoy weed in public in Barcelona?

Cannabis consumption in private spaces has been legal in Spain for nearly 20 years. It is not legal to smoke weed in public, if the police catch you smoking weed in a public setting, they will confiscate it or you may receive a financial penalty. But why take the risk when there are numerous venues to practice the art of consuming marijuana? A range of cannabis clubs can cater to your needs, whatever your budget. Read on to find out how to join a cannabis club.

How much does it cost to become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona?

A yearly subscription is required, payable in Euros. Prices range from €20 – €50.

What is the typical Barcelona cannabis club menu?

When visiting Barcelona, you can expect to find the same grade of cannabis as you would experience in Amsterdam. There are many newer American strains to enjoy as well. It’s become common in the better BCN cannabis clubs to also find CBD-heavy and medicinal focused strains. Due to the popularity of the annual Spannabis awards, some BCN cannabis clubs even have their own prise winning strains. Some of the classic strains you’ll find in Barcelona are: Amnesia Haze Super Lemon Diesel OG Kush Critical Mass Exodus Cheese Of the many new American and Spannabis cup cannabis strains, it’s common to find: Girl Scout Cookie Somango 47 Super Chocolope MK Ultra Bowser

Can I have edibles at a cannabis club in Barcelona?

Most of the clubs have some thc infused products including Oreo Stoneo, thc infused chips and more.

Can I have an alcohol beverages at a cannabis club?

Many weed clubs have vending machines dispensing small cans for a few euros. Estrella is the popular beer in Barcelona, so it’s likely that you’ll find a vending machine packed full of cans. Most clubs usually sell other carbonated drinks and sugary snacks for their members as well.

Can I have some snacks at a cannabis club?

In a club you can find some vending machines with snacks, chocolate bars, nuts or similar.

Do clubs offer full meals?

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona usually don’t offer any full type of meals, instead clubs have a choice of snacks. For a full meal pick one of the Barcelona restaurants or tapas bars.